Marketing & Project Management Solutions
The Colorado Tech Team is a group of talented individuals lead by Drew Griffiths. Our main focus is to help social impact businesses succeed in their overall business growth, by harnessing the power of marketing and project management technology.

Who are you that nobody else is?
We’ll build you a personal brand that’ll help you impact the world. At CreativCat® We specialize in authentic branding, personal branding, and other design services that are as unique as you. Whether it’s brand design and development, website design, packaging, or building a multitude of CreativAssets to maximize your connection and give you the opportunity to notably stand out, we are equipped to develop your concept to completion through hand-sketched-to-computer art.

Social Media Management & Advertising
Wondering if you should put money behind your posts or what to even post about in the first place? It’s time-consuming but you know you need to be using it, somehow. If your Facebook and Instagram game is lacking or you feel you could be doing more, let’s look at how to make life easier and actually start driving business from your social media.

Website Hosting
Bluehost is my personal favorite for web hosting platform. They are easy to work with, they are reliable, and they have a great customer support team. I recommend them to all my clients.

Accounting Software
Freshbooks is a cost-effective way to not only manage your invoices, but you can also seamlessly import all your expense and tag them to make tax season a little easier.

Password Protection
LastPass is a freemium password protection manager that stores encrypted passwords online. It makes it easy to auto-generates truly secure passwords, stores them so you don’t need to remember, and allows for easy and safe password sharing.

eMail Marketing & Management
Mailchimp offers a free solution to manage your contacts, connect with your contacts, and keep track of your communications.

Organization Tool
Trello is the fun, flexible, and free way to organize plans, projects and more. I use them to keep track of all my business projects as well as personal tasks like my food shopping list and scheduling car appointments.