“After a frustrating year with my last web designer who was terrible with communication and delivery, I was beyond relieved and grateful to have Mariah’s help. Immediately she helped me understand what my needs and goals were, communicated a clear time frame and cost, and went above and beyond to help me feel at ease during the transition.

Her kindness, professionalism, incredible communication, soft and humble way felt like medicine after a difficult experience with my last web designer. I am so grateful for Mariah and hope others get the opportunity to experience how wonderful she is.”

“I love my new website! Mariah developed an outstanding site with video assets while still maintaining amazing site speed!

Her attention to detail made the process incredibly easy and smooth. If you need a professional website I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Feeling Inspired Websites.”

“Mariah came highly recommended from a fellow creative for SEO training. In a short amount of time, she taught me all of the ‘SEO Best Practices’ to help me launch my content writing business.

Her expertise and willingness to help me learn and grow has afforded me the opportunity to build my own freelancing dream and help others benefit from SEO-rich content. I highly recommend Mariah for all of your SEO and writing needs!”

Jaime, JaimeO

“Working with Mariah has been such a great experience. I reached out because I was having trouble editing my site. Mariah saved the day, multiple times and all with a smile! She provided multiple suggestions to help resolve each challenge.

I was also working on finding my niche for my business. Leveraging her SEO skills, Mariah identified a new opportunity that ultimately lead to defining my new niche.

My business wouldn’t be where it is at today because of Mariah’s hard work and dedication to CreativCat. If you’re searching for a hassle free web developer, look no further!”

Danielle, CreativCat

“I had a wonderful experience with FeelingInspired Websites. There was amazing personal touch, client care, responsiveness to feedback, timely completion of the project, and I felt Mariah was as invested in creating a successful website for me as I was in having one created for me.

I was well attended to and felt this service was critical in the future success of my business.”

Cailin is a meditation, reiki, and yoga instructor. She purchased her domain early in 2020 with the intention of building her site as her Covid project. After about six months of ‘planning’ to build her site she expressed concern that the process was intimidating and she didn’t want to waste any more time. We spoke a couple times to get an understand of her goals and vision for her site. A couple months later her site was live! Visit Samadhi Soul Yoga
Service: Website Design & Build

On occasion, I step outside the traditional health & wellness space to work with other awesome professionals like Orion, who’s an amazing videographer. Orion worked with CreativCat to design a portfolio site that would make him stand out in the crowd. We then worked with his designer directly to bring that vision to life. Website: Orion Madsen
Service: Website Build

Eric is an author, who’s writing honors those who cross edges of life in order to find meaningful ways to bring light into dark places. With the launch of two new books Eric wanted to create an interactive space where people could purchase his books, but also explore and uncover something unexpected. With that in mind, we leveraged fun features like images that flip to reveal a quote on the other side and audio recordings of a book reading. Visit Eric J. Epstein
Service: Website Design & Build


Danielle came to us for help with keyword discovery and optimization for her blog. During our research we uncovered a new market that aligned perfectly with CreativCat’s goals and opened up an entirely new opportunity for the business. Within a couple months, CreativCat landed a dream client.
Service: SEO