Imagine you’re 7 years old living a happy and predictable life with your mom and four siblings. Your days consist of eating, sleeping, and playing within the same four walls. Then, one day two strangers show up, and you’re handed over to them; they don’t look like you or talk like you and they bring you to live on a planet, unlike anything you’ve seen before. This is how WooHoo, our husky pup, got his start. Within the first 24hrs of being with us, he stepped outside for the first time, went on a road trip from Kansas to Colorado, and flew to Massachusetts where he was introduced to the ocean, met lots of people, and even a few canine friends.

When I think about his experience, it’s hard to imagine how he handled it with such ease. As a human, I doubt many of us would go along so willingly and with an optimistic outlook; curious and excited about what lies ahead. Sure, we’d like to think we would, but it would be hard not to be overwhelmed by the drastic changes. And yeah, I get it, he’s a dog, but still… That was one wild ride.

Like a child, he reminds me of the values I try to live by (be confident, be curious, and be present). WooHoo comes alive when he sees a leaf blowing across the sand and without a doubt he bounds after it not knowing what it is. There is so much beauty and wonder all around us, yet we’re too busy to notice or we’re uncertain and approach the new “thing” with hesitation and fear.

Take Dandelions for example, not that they’re scary – unless you have allergies ;) They are flowering weeds considered more of a nuisance than something to appreciate, yet they are truly amazing. Take a closer look and you’ll notice its vibrant yellow coloring, its soft pedals, and most impressively the transformation it goes through as it turns into a white fluff ball – watch here.

As we enter a new year, I share this in hopes of inspiring you to bring a little WooHoo into your life and goals for 2021.

What are your core values? What brings you to life? Write them down and revisit them to remind yourself of what truly is most important to you. This article offers an exercise to help uncover your values. If you’re curious and looking for an example, these are my values.

Kindness to oneself and others
Trust in the intention
Laughter is medicine
Be confident
Be curious
Be present
Be one with nature
Be you, be true
Let go of the ego
Take action
Make an impact

Have fun and go chase some leaves!