I stepped out of my apartment and onto the bustling streets of Hanoi, Vietnam. It was amazing and chaotic all in the same. I was told the best way to cross the road was to close my eyes and walk in a straight and steady path. Despite what my eyes might reveal, I was encouraged to trust the hundreds of people driving scooters as they zoomed by – they will safely stop or pass by. It was unlike any experience I’d had, and I loved every moment of it. It had that hint of fear that comes with the excitement of trying something completely out of my comfort zone. That’s not to say I wasn’t petrified crossing the street for the first time, but I knew I had to do it.

After navigating my way through the small alleys and past sidewalk kitchens with families selling fresh fish and bright colored fruits and veggies, I made my way into Sen Spa. It was as if I’d left one world and stepped into another. The calming scent of lavender, the dark wood-paneled walls, and the sweet Vietnamese women who invited my friend and me to take a seat immediately put us at ease. As we sat down and placed our shoes in a hand-woven basket, we were handed a warm cup of Pandan tea (a staple in my kitchen now, but more on that another time). We were then guided to another room, where we soaked our feet in beautiful stone bowls with cool water, and then it was off to our massages.

The point is that while these experiences were vastly different, they left a lasting impression on me. In this case, they were both positive, but that’s not always true. And while we don’t always have control over the experiences we enter into, we do have the ability to shape the outcomes.

I wonder what else these stories represent and how we can help guide ourselves and others to have more positive outcomes. I know I’m getting a bit deep here 🙃, but it doesn’t have to be; experiences come in a variety of forms, from the way we organize our physical (homes), digital (mobile apps), and mental (thoughts) spaces. And all of them ultimately have some impact, so why not try to improve them 😉.

How does this relate to FeelingInspired Websites?
Visiting a website is like stepping into the digital version of a business. Upon entry, visitors should be engaged by the content, drawn in to learn more, and guided to easily make that next step so that when they leave, they’re confident they got what they came for and feel good about their experience.